Shrub and Ornamental Care
in Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, & Tradition, FL

Shrub and Ornamental Care

Professional shrub and ornamental services for residential and commercial properties.

Professional shrub and ornamental services for residential and commercial properties.

Promote Robust Growth with Our Shrub and Ornamentals Care Plans

Our customized treatments will nurture strong, vibrant shrubs and ornamentals suited to this climate.

Choice Pest Management’s technicians are dedicated to providing exceptional ornamental and shrub care services to residential and commercial properties in Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Tradition, and the surrounding areas. Our team possesses extensive knowledge of the diverse shrub species that flourish in this region of Florida. We understand the unique requirements of each species in terms of pest and disease management, fertilization, lightning protection, and more throughout the year. Our comprehensive services range from routine maintenance, such as fertilization, to advanced solutions for distressed ornamentals. Whether the job is big or small, our experts tackle it with precision and care, utilizing environmentally responsible practices while prioritizing property safety. As a local company deeply rooted in our community, we are committed to ensuring that your shrubs and ornamentals thrive and enhance your property for generations to come.

Shrub & Ornamental Disease

Diseases can weaken and even kill ornamentals and shrubs if left uncontrolled. Our team serving Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Tradition, and nearby communities use advanced techniques to accurately diagnose diseases impacting your shrubs and ornamentals. We then prescribe effective organic or conventional treatments tailored to that specific disease and the South Florida climate, whether it’s damaging fungi like leaf spot, powdery mildew, rust, or blights. Our focus is always on environmentally responsible practices. Proper disease identification and management keep your ornamentals healthy and thriving while improving their odds of surviving storms, droughts, and other challenges.

With our tree care services, your landscape remains lush, healthy, and picture-perfect despite Florida’s challenging climate.

Shrub & Ornamental Insects

Plants face constant attacks from boring, chewing, sucking, and stinging insects that can stunt their growth and damage their appearance. We identify any insect infestations in shrubs or ornamental plantings and use targeted, environmentally responsible treatments to control destructive pests while minimizing the impact on beneficial pollinators and the surrounding ecosystem. This includes expert identification and management of common plant and landscape pests like aphids, borers, soft and armored scales, mealybugs, wood-boring beetles, and leaf-feeding caterpillars. Our sustainable insect pest control programs allow plants to thrive while protecting the natural balance.

Shrub & Ornamental Fertilization

Like any living thing, ornamentals and shrubs require proper nutrition to reach their full potential for health, beauty, and longevity. Our technicians provide treatment with the unique nutritional needs of different plant varieties to create customized organic or traditional fertilizer programs designed to strengthen plants naturally from the roots up. Expert fertility plans enhance overall plant vigor which allows shrubs and ornamentals to better withstand diseases, insect pests, droughts, storms, and urban stressors. Our environmentally responsible fertility treatments maximize sustainable growth for more lush canopies, vibrant blossoms, and beauty for years to come.

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