Bed Bugs

At Choice Pest Management, we know how to get rid of bed bugs. Call today and our friendly, courteous staff will explain our services, answer your questions, and set a time convenient for you to let our professionals rid your home of bed bugs. Do not wait another day, call Choice Pest Management now to rid your home of bed bugs.

What are Bed Bugs?

Because bed bugs are nocturnal and hide near the bed during the day, most people never see them. But they do see the small droplets of blood from the bites they have incurred. Bed bug bites are irritating and can take on characteristics of a rash.

Bed bugs are oval-shaped and brownish red in colouring. Full grown adults can be seen as they are up to 5 mm in length. Bed bugs are usually in small colonies that nest near the bed. At night, they crawl up the bed posts and bite those who are sleeping to feed on the blood.

How to Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be quite the painful nuisance. That is why acting today can save you from further irritation in the future. At Choice Pest Management, we have the properly trained professionals who understand how to identify and rid your home of bed bugs. Call today and find out how to make your home bed bug- free with our professional services at Choice Pest Management.

Getting rid of them is not easy which is why you need professional assistance. A company that specializes in bed bug removal has the tools needed to eradicate the bed bugs for good. The good news is that once they are eliminated, they cannot come back unless you or someone else brings them in.

Traditional poisons generally do no good since bed bugs do not ingest such materials. Washing the bed sheets helps, but you really need to get rid of the bed bugs directly. This generally means cleaning in the area where they nest, then heating the mattress which also destroys the bugs.

If you see small red spots on the sheets, then you have bed bugs. The first step is to locate where the bed bugs are staying during the day. It may be under the bed, inside the mattress, or near the bed such as at the foot of an end table. Locating the colony may not be easy, but if you see a trail of red dots or blood that is dried into small clay-like pellets then that will help you find where they nest

Plus, bed bugs do not travel on their own. The only way they enter your home is if they are on you or most often in your clothing such as a suitcase from a vacation. You can greatly reduce the chances of bed bugs entering your home by simply cleaning your clothing and other contents of your suitcase outside the home.

What makes bed bugs different than almost any other insect is that they are parasites. This means because they feast on your blood, they are not interested in consuming the materials that destroy most other insects.

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