With over 16,000 species of flies just in North America alone, flies represent a danger to the health of those living or working inside. Flies are part of the order of Diptera, which means two wing creatures that deposit bacteria where they land. Left unchecked, flies may the source of illness when they land on food or other surfaces.

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How to Get Rid of Flies

The flyswatter is the traditional means for residents and business owners to eliminate the occasional intrusion by flies. But what if your house or property is infested with so many flies that swatters are simply not enough?

The answer starts with a simple two-step program that identifies where the flies are coming from, then eliminating that source so it does not produce any more flies. For this effort, you may need the assistance of a professional pest control company.


Flies, as with all pests, come from somewhere. The occasional fly that comes in through an open door or window can be easily handled. However, if your home has a serious issue with flies, then they must be coming from a source of food. Such sources usually start with garbage that is stored either inside or outside the home or building.

But there can be other sources as well. Anything that is sheltered and provides a source of food can make a good home for flies. Start by looking for the source of where the flies are coming from which will provide you with where your eradication efforts should begin.


If the source of the flies is removable, such as garbage that has been inside for a while, then getting rid of it will remove most of the flies in short order. You can also clean and spray such areas after removal to eliminate any leftover particles that may still attract flies.

Keep in mind that spraying or swatting alone will do little good until you remove the source of the flies. Once that has been addressed, then the occasional flies can be dealt with easily.

If the source cannot be removed or addressed, such as areas under the home or between the walls, then you will need to call a professional extermination company. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to get at the source and eliminate it.

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