Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests you will encounter, especially in warm, humid climates like we have in Florida. Despite their appearance, they are members of the same family as flies. The difference is that mosquitoes will bite and consume blood directly from humans and pets.

This represents a danger far greater than the irritation caused by mosquito bites alone because diseases and viruses such as the West Nile Virus can be transmitted by mosquitoes. Identifying the location of where the mosquitoes are breeding is the first step to their eradication.

To get rid of mosquitoes, you will need a professional, reputable company that specialises in removing this pest from your home or property. Choice Pest Management is the one to call. We offer our mosquito removal services that will eradicate the pest all for a low, affordable price. Call today and find out more about how we can get rid of the mosquitoes on your property.

Where Do Mosquitoes Breed?

It’s no coincidence that mosquitoes tend to appear in the spring, especially after a series of rainy events. To breed, mosquitoes need a source of water that is still for their eggs to grow and flourish. Puddles, mud holes, and other areas of stagnant water are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

While puddles and mudholes will dry up, they will also last long enough for the mosquitoes to breed and multiply. Before any eradication process can begin, the stagnant water that breeds the mosquitoes must be addressed.

How to Eliminate Mosquitoes?

The removal of the stagnant water is the first step. This often is combined with chemical treatment to ensure that both the mosquitoes and their eggs are eliminated. The proper chemicals will destroy both while the stagnant water is removed.

Once the source of the mosquitoes is handled, the rest is a straightforward application of chemicals which both eliminate mosquitoes directly and repel the rest away from humans and pets. Any hiding places for mosquitoes inside the home or building are also identified and addressed. This includes areas that may serve as shelter such as garbage or vegetation that is not regularly treated.

A full mosquito treatment plan starts with identifying potential areas of breeding followed by their elimination if possible. Once that is addressed, the next step is to spray any areas that serve as hiding places for mosquitoes in and around the home. Finally, the use of chemicals to directly eliminate any remaining mosquitoes from the area is used.

When addressed early, getting rid of mosquito infestations can greatly reduce the danger to humans and pets. You will need to call a professional, reputable company that specialises in mosquito removal for the best results.

At Choice Pest Management, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to identify the source of the mosquito infestation and eliminate it. Call today and find out more about our pest control services that can rid your home or property of mosquitoes and other dangerous pests. Let our friendly, courteous staff explain our services, answer your questions, and get to work removing mosquitoes from your property today.

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