Rodents are warm-blooded creatures such as mice and rats that have oversized front teeth designed for chewing. And they use those teeth to chew on many items around your home or property causing considerable damage. Left unchecked, rodents can be a great nuisance to your property and your

If mice or rats have made your home their home, then it is time to call Choice Pest Management. We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to identify where the rodents live and to eradicate them from your home, office, or facility.


If you see one rodent, chances are there are several, if not a dozen or more that you do not see. Rodents breed quickly when they find locations inside buildings that are difficult to reach for humans or predators. Normally, rodents will find areas inside the walls, but they can be located anywhere that makes for a good nest and is mostly left alone.

Once they have found such a place, the rodents will breed and multiply quickly. You may not notice them at first, but you will start to see the damage they cause around your home or property. Given how fast they multiply, the occasional mousetraps and other extermination methods tend to fall short until the breeding areas are identified and addressed.


There are several ways that rodents can be removed from the property. The most common is arguably the use of traps, but they can be poisoned as well. Such traps and poison bait should be used not only in the areas where they breed, but also in the places where they are most likely to travel.

  • Behind couches next to walls
  • Behind refrigerators and appliances
  • Under the bed and other covered areas

Any rodents that are trapped or have perished must be removed quickly as well. The goal is to rid the property quickly and consistently over time. And it may take a little time before all the rodents are removed.

This requires a steady effort that not only uses poison bait and traps, but also removes any entrance ways to the property that allows for more rodents to enter. Think of it as a complete rodent removal program that requires a combination of identifying entrances, breeding areas, and places that rodents travel to finally remove them from your home.

In addition to the removal, the elimination of potential breeding areas must follow, or the rodents may come back. Identifying the most likely locations for rodents to live and breed should be addressed by their removal or the planting of traps and poison bait to get rid of them before they can start to breed.

For those who are suffering from a rodent invasion, calling a reputable, professional company is the only answer.

Don’t let rodents may your home their home, call Choice Pest Management today and let our friendly, courteous staff tell you about our pest removal services. We can identify where the rodents are living and use safe, effective measures to remove them from the property. Call today and find out more about how Choice Pest Management can rid your property of mice and rats.

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