Of the many pests that can invade your home, termites may be the most damaging to your property. There are over 20,000 species of termites, but almost all of them appear similar and have the same thing in mind, feeding on the wood that is the structure of your home. Worse, most homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage caused by termites.

If you suspect that termites are making a meal out of your home, then call the professionals at Choice Pest Management. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to address a termite infestation and remove the threat from your property. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get to work which means the less damage the termites will cause.


Spotting termites is the first step towards eliminating the threat from your home or property. Termites are insects that are small, generally a half-inch long in most cases. But while they are difficult to spot inside your home, during the breeding season many termites have wings and will swarm during the warming months of spring.

Once they start breeding and form a colony, they lose their wings and for the most part go underground or live inside the wood itself. The colonies are usually located outside the home or building with underground tunnels that allow them to travel to the interior of the structure. Once there, they start feasting on the wood itself until it is gone.

If you see a termite inside your house, then your home may have already suffered considerable damage. But if you see mud tunnels on the ground that lead to your home, that is a strong indication that termites might be present.


Removing termites will depend on the layout of your home, where the termite colony is located, and just how many termites have made their way inside. Once that information has been assessed, a termite eradication plan is put into action.

Such plans normally include the immediate eradication of the termites that are present to stop whatever damage they may be causing. This includes the use of poisons that are carried by the termites themselves back into the colony. Once the queen has been removed, the colony itself tends to die off rather quickly.

Next is the use of baits and other materials that prevent termites from entering your home again. The traps are set near your home so that termites go inside them and die rather than into your house. The combination of eradication and prevention will stop present and future termite invasions. Once the termites have been eliminated, you will need to assess any damage that they might have caused.

A termite infestation needs to be addressed quickly. Call Choice Pest Management and let our team of professional pest exterminators get to work right away. We can identify where the termite colonies are located and remove them quickly with methods that protect you, your family, and pets inside. Call today and let Choice Pest Management remove the termites before they can cause any more damage.

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